Although officially incorporated in 1996, Sunchef’s history started long before.  It’s at the tender age of 18 that Terry Ellis, sole owner and President of Sunchef, takes over the family butcher’s shop.

Originally serving a variety of different meats, Terry slowly develops a specialty in the deboning of poultry.  This activity was put aside in 1996, with the incorporation of Sunchef Farms.  The company takes up residence in a building on Boulevard Cremazie and concentrates its activities in the simple trading of commodity items related to poultry.   After being pursued by clients requesting Terry’s expertise in deboning, Sunchef undergoes it’s first of many transformations and resumes its poultry deboning activities.  Sunchef slowly expands its territory across Canada and in 2004, in the United States as well.

The rapid growth of the company forces Sunchef to move to its current location in Anjou in 2006, to operate what we internally call Phase I of the plant, dedicated to bulk packaging for distributors.

With the signature of contracts with big accounts like Costco, Metro and Sobey’s, Sunchef inaugurates in 2008 Phase II of the plant, dedicated to private labels poultry production. Sunchef will continue its steady growth for the next 5 years and with it, the first logo change, in 2010.

2013 is a critical year in the Sunchef Farms history. After transforming raw poultry for so many years, Sunchef invests in its future and adds a new skill to its arsenal: cooked products. In order to do so, the construction of Phase III breaks grounds, the new logo is inaugurated and Sunchef Farms officially becomes Sunchef Foods Inc.

New goals and new strategy means new markets. Once only available to distributors and private labels, Sunchef will soon be on the shelves of regular retailers and accessible to everyone.

With its steady growth in revenues, Sunchef Foods Inc continues to expand with one main objective in mind: being the best in the industry.

Sunchef's history